Article Marketing as SEO Strategy

Article marketing is a type of SEO strategy wherein you potentially reach other people through the content you have written.  However, the main purpose of article marketing is to have backlinks going to your site so that you are able to possibly increase the web traffic of your site through your article marketing promotion as well as getting the link to your site viewed by web crawlers so that your website becomes search engine optimized.  Overall, once your website becomes search optimized, you are able to garner more traffic, more sales, and thus more profit.

Article marketing is done by submitting ‘almost-unique’ articles you have written on article marketing submission sites.  These sites accommodate articles that will be posted on their site.  Normally, these sites will have rules regarding the articles you post and that they should still pass their quality control.  However, once you’ve reached up the higher ranks of an article publisher, your works will no longer be at much scrutiny.  The advantage of publishing your articles on article marketing submission sites is that you can publish as many articles you want and as many topics that you can cover.  Of course, the reward to this is that you get a backlink going to your site.

When doing article marketing for the purpose of SEO, it is important that you first cover the topics that are related to your site.  If you cover technology, particularly cellphones, then the articles you submit on article submission sites should also cover cellphones.

Although this is not entirely the principle of article marketing, it is however logical that you write the same genre that your website has.  After all, you will be placing a link going back to your website and it will not seem right if you write about flower arrangements whereas your backlink is going to cellphones.  Also, the people who view your article on the article submission site will almost likely be looking for that type of content.  If they are interested in the content, then the link they follow should also be related.  And if they are really interested, you may even make a sale out of them.

Article marketing is no longer exactly the best way of making your website search optimized.  Due to the number of poor quality contents submitted, some search engine crawlers skip the links from article marketing submission sites.  Nevertheless, there are still people who visit these sites for their simple and easier to understand content.  If you are really interested in doing article marketing, you should look into guest posting as this is also like article marketing, but on independent but good ranking blogsites.

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